Color, imagination, multi-dimensional travel, and more! Follow the Adventures of Hawk as she discovers the intricacies of her world through the Universe.  The setting is our mother Earth and Hawk has a unique ability of sight and flight; she can navigate all of the myths and folklore everyone sees but may or may not believe.  When she was young, she saw all sorts of creatures and energies, happenings of the magical and spiritual nature!  As her wings were still small, she lacked the confidence in her vision, and dismissed her gift.  It is with the guidance of her teacher sri Shambavananda, a holy man, and all her friends and family, that she gained the confidence to learn to see. 

With time her wings grew, offering her the ability to flow with the wind, soar to the highest peaks, and glide above and below the water.  Her vision offered her a clearer understanding of her environment and the energies that exist in it.  She realized no matter what, she was equipped for any adventure!

Allow these paintings to speak their tale, narrating the story of Hawk, and find that it may relate to your own. Each painting is made to last the test of time, crafted with archival materials that will not photo degrade.  The wood panels are handcrafted from carefully selected plywood and pine.  Then, images are drawn, wood burned, and painted with watercolor.  Then the image is sealed with gel medium followed by applications of oil paint and encaustic paint, not to forget a dash of glitter, sparkles, and gold leaf to complete the work of art. 

Wait, wait, there’s more! The Adventures of Hawk meets printmaking!  Screen printing takes layering, planning, and imagination to the next level.  Each layer blends with one another to create the color pallet so unique to this series. While each woodblock print is designed as a sacred space, designating the creation of both malign and benign forces that shape Hawk world.

Now please, sit, ponder, enjoy.  These paintings and prints are made from my heart, passion, and joy.