The Magical Side of Reality


About Artist Grace Noel

Grace Noel is a mixed media, fine artist. She invented her unique mixed media painting process and “this style expresses the effect sunlight has on my sight as golden day light creates rainbows on my eyelashes, everything is colorful and bright.”  Her first series in 2015 depicted the constellations of the northern hemisphere. These works gave way to the HAWK series 2015-2017: A magical adventure of Hawk and her dogs as they travel through space and time. Spring 2018 Grace released:

“We are all made of sunshine. Sunshine makes the plants grow, the water flow, and the wind blow.  So now it is time to go, on a magical journey through the rainbow.”

Now, Grace turns sunshine into star signs with the Chinese Zodiac 4 Elements.  Grace has been learning Chinese Astrology alongside western solar astrology her whole life as it was part of regular astrology lessons with mom.  This 4 painting series combines the fire, earth, wind, and water groupings of 3 signs (trines) to complete 12 signs. Grace explains she likes Chinese Astrology for its ease of usability, relatability, and depth of inspiration.  Anyone who meets Grace knows she is an expert Chinese Astrology and she always wants to know your birth day! “Birthdays are so special and significant, because they make a very special moment in a person’s life,” Grace says, as she explains her interest in astrology.  

My vision for this series it to celebrate the magic of life with the Chinese Zodiac 4 Elements.  Discover your star sign and and let it shine like the sun. The vastness of space is where dreams come true.  The stars enchanted me as a child and they still do.

Grace’s artwork can be viewed at the Denver Art Society: 734 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO, where she also has her studio (Since 2013).  The Denver Art Society is a skills-based education nonprofit and artist cooperative.  The mission of the Denver Art Society is to collectively host a creative community where people of all ages can learn, view, and exhibit art in all forms and Grace is a founding member of the Denver Art Society and served as committee/board member, program coordinator, and was the Executive Director of the Denver Art Society Jan 2017-2018.  Social justice has been an important for Grace throughout her life and when she found the Denver Art Society, it was what she had been looking for. Grace is a natural born leader and teacher having taught in bilingual classes of immigrants and people of all age levels. She has mentored and guided those in the justice system to complete and sign off on their volunteer hours as a nonprofit administrator. In addition, Grace is very familiar with populations experiencing homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. All of the work Grace has done for the Denver Art Society has been volunteer and fueled by a passion to change things for the better for those the mission of the Denver Art Society is intended for.

The Denver Art Society is a gallery for the neighborhood of La Alma Lincoln Park and Baker. Grace’s passion for the mission of the Denver Art Society ignited her involvement in the La Alma Lincoln Park and Baker neighborhoods along with the Art District on Santa Fe. She now sits on the Board of Directors for Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe as chair of the Event Committee. Grace’s Art can also be viewed at Spectra Art Space: 1836 S Broadway, Denver CO.


Life outside of being an artist, Grace is a practicing yogini who received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate plus additional trainings in Meditation and Ayurveda in 2014 from Shambhava yoga.  She has maintained a daily meditation and yoga practice since 2008.  Grace received her permaculture certificate in 2010 which formed her other small business: Everything Under the Sun Landscaping and Land Restoration in 2012.  Among her other interests, Grace studied massage at Colorado School of Healing Arts, eastern and western astrology for 20 years, and has her blue belt Jiu Jitsu under Amal Easton. Grace is a traveler and outdoor sport enthusiast having hiked/backpacked hundreds of mountains around the world, summited over twenty 14,000 ft mountains in Colorado, loves skiing the slopes and back country, and continues to grow her surfing skills through her international art tours. 

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