Freelance Services 

In addition to being a mixed media fine artist, Grace is also a graphic designer, writer, web developer, and assistant event coordinator.

Graphic Design and Web Development

Grace’s graphic design projects for clients since 2011 are in the gallery below and she is well versed with Adobe Creative suite, Photolab, and Font Candy. Grace graphically designs all of her own materials such as logo and reproductions: stickers, signs, flyers, business cards, clothing, shoes, and bags. She knows her printers and reproduction requirements well to help you create a vibrant and magical product. Grace has edited, designed, and created a number of websites such as her own and for nonprofits. Software does not intimidate Grace and she can find her way around MailChimp, Squarespace, Wordpress, Google, etc to create a beautiful representation of how you shine. Grace’s talent for design inspired the new logo made by Look Listen for Denver's Art District on Santa Fe and promotion at the Spring 2018 Colorado Creative Industries Convening.


However, a picture is worth a thousand words and writing is the magic dust that describing the creativity behind a logo or page layout. From a family of writers such as her uncle Tom Noel, Ph.D “Dr. Colorado.” Grace has written promotional content, created procedures for nonprofits and committees, and written grants awarded to the Denver Art Society Nonprofit.

Assistant Event Coordination

As an artist, gallery manager, and administrator, Grace knows the ins and outs of organizing, running, and operating art and music events. Everything from small gatherings to large footprint special events in the arts, Grace has done it all and has a wealth of knowledge of permits, venues, and production timelines. Grace is not insured as an event coordinator and will do her best to help you make a successful production of your art event.