Grace is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in helping artists and entrepreneurs stay focused on their creative goals to sustain their vision. With over 15 years of experience in the arts, Grace has her Bachelors of Fine Arts and has served as a volunteer administrator, committee/ board of director roles, is professionally trained in exhibition design and coordinating art and performance based events. Grace has worked her magic to help thousands of artists along side nonprofits, Englewood city library, and numerous businesses across the country with exhibition opportunities, strategic planning, and art/cultural programing. Sign up for a FREE 15 minute advisory session to see if consulting is right for you!

Grace has always been an entrepreneur starting two small businesses upon graduating from Oregon State University in 2011, as the nation began its recovery from the Great Recession. Grace started out as an artist while jobs were few, art buyers were prioritizing living expenses, and competition was fierce amongst art professionals who were over qualified working any job they could get. Grace’s success for building her businesses was due to the services she offered. Grace has a reputable consistent and persistent performance to see projects through to their completion and she knows first hand the hard work involved. Being an entrepreneur ultimately is a self dedicated process to completing projects that contribute to the growth of a vision. Building yourself as an artist is as much opening and operating a small business as it is to create a work of art. You can trust Grace to guide your decision making, help you grow and sustain yourself as an artist, or build art and culture programming to provide opportunities that sustain artists in your community. The information and advise you receive will be compiled into a consulting report. Follow up reports and notes are generated from additional communications, coaching, and meetings.


  • Art Exhibition Development and Programming

    • program set up

    • installation

    • management

    • event coordination

    • Funding strategies

  • Artist Career Development:

    • Hone in on artistic vision and mission

    • Assess and set goals to achieve artist vision

    • Funding strategies

  • consulting report to track growth


Did you know?

Grace is a natural born leader and teacher having taught in bilingual classes of immigrants and people of all age levels. She has mentored and guided those in the justice system to complete and sign off on their volunteer hours as a nonprofit administrator. In addition, Grace is very familiar with populations experiencing homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.