You’ve made it to the magical page which grants your wish for unique and original artwork by Grace Noel. Grace invented her style of mixed media fine art while in her painting studio classes at Oregon State University studying for her Bachelors of Fine Arts. This technique did not exist prior and Grace did extensive research to ensure the process will last the test of time as fine art does. As an overview of Grace’s process: drawings are burned into a fine art quality wood panel, then paint is applied: water color, acrylic paint, oil paint, encaustic paint, and finally gold leaf, sequins, and glitter. Along side this elegant technical process is the true significance of the style is to, “express the effect sunlight has on my sight as golden day light creates rainbows on my eyelashes, everything is colorful and bright.” Grace explains. Grace’s unique and colorful style translates across all media: fine art, sculpture, murals, interior design, guitars, clothing, bags, active ware, shoes, and tattoos.


  • Client vision and needs

  • sketch design idea/vision

  • create original fine art from sunshine