Always go to Jiu Jitsu

Went to Randoori yesterday at Easton's Boulder Gym.  I kinked my neck somehow, seems to be the trend amongst fam and friend.  When I got to the family brunch, my Auntie and Uncle were visiting from Denver, Auntie Vi just could not stop complaining about her neck and headache from being sick with a cold the last 3 weeks.  Seems Chiron's last visit through Pisces brought out some deep wounds.  I think my cousin Chris has felt it too - a neck ache so bad he bought a new bed, lol.  Granted he was sleeping on my old futon mattress with a crater that could kill dinosaurs.  Its time to get our heads on straight, do whats right for us I guess.

This brings me back to Jiu Jitsu Sunday Apr 15.  Ouch, me neck hurt from rolling.  Still does today, Monday.  However, the trade off is better posture, reinforcing my joints and activating under resourced muscles.  How?  using all those resources makes the neck ache duller!  Oh yes the pain is still there, and Pneuma Chiropractic will happen 1:40 pm Earth Day, followed by massage Apr 27 1:30 pm with Zap Zing Body Works.  Daily icing, topical analgesic, and restorative yoga as maintenance. 

Brass tax: these injuries make us stronger.  The wounds heal so long as they are treated with love, and always go to jiu jitsu.  I've been training since Jan 3, 2017 and it has done wonders for me.  I showed up to the Boulder Easton Academy after celebrating the New Year with my cousin Chris and three hours of sleep, not to mention terrified.  I knew I had to learn how to defend myself though, especially due to the current culture and political climate towards women.  When Trump was elected, I decided to start taking self defense lessons.  I asked around and the answer was one I definitely didn't want to hear: Jiu Jitsu.  Why not ninjitsu or karate, aikido or judo?  My chiropractor Dr. Adam Thom, of Thom Body Theory, put it simply, grappling skills are best for women in times of sexual assault.  Alright, time to sign up since my goal was so clearly outlined by Dr Thom's reasoning, oh and did I mention he's a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu... Yeah...

Jan 3, 2017 was a game changer though, I loved my first class so much, I kept training.  Yes, I still have that resistance to attending class, its a scary and strange activity to voluntarily go do with people. The benefits out way the anxiety and I've built a community who cares about me and my training.

Since I began training, I am a calmer, more relaxed person and have come to grips with my sense of fear.  My consciousness has expanded by way of better reflexes, clear mind, and patience.  In some ways I am more bold and feel like a super hero even though I am just a four stripe white belt. Ultimately my training has taught something most would find counter intuitive: aggression and will power will only get you in trouble.  Jiu Jitsu is a matter of strategy and a dance between two opposing energies.  The art? Go with the flow, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  

I look forward to training with you some day, since I am not just an artist, but also a martial artist. Always go to jiu jitsu.