Englewood Block Party

Englewood Chalk Mural


Titled, Happy Dragon. This mural was commissioned by the Arts and Culture department of the city of Englewood for the 2nd Annual Block Party on Sept 8. I enjoyed every moment of creating it regardless of the being fairly new to chalk murals.  When I arrived at the sight and opened the boxes of chalk, something from my youth welled up to the surface and I remembered the excitement that has always motivated me to create art.  I knew then and there, I was on the right track, doing great work that will sustain me and bring art to many people. 


I had four hours to create this mural and upon arriving, David Carroll the director and commissioner, gave me a large outdoor common area to work in near 3400 S Broadway.  I approached the project understanding I had a 10’x10’ space to work in and once I was given more space, I couldn’t resist drawing a dragon like a river, directing the imagination of viewers.


About 2 hours into the event, the crowd doubled and all the children wanted to collaborate.  They were welcomed to so long as they kept the chalk colors collated and didn’t step all over my Happy Dragon. Children drew dragons, rainbows, flowers, friends were all drawn around the dragon.  I was so impressed with the inspiration my Happy Dragon provided everyone of the Englewood Block Party.  Despite being told not to, the dragon was danced and stepped on.  Dragons are such a phenomenal energy, everyone wants a piece I guess. 

How did I decide on a dragon?  Dragons are powerful, mystical, and magical.  They inspire all others to achieve such a fantastic state.  Dragons have treasure and a vast network, they even exist in all cultural heritages!  They symbolize vision and powerful self expression, so much that others desire to have even a piece of a dragon scale or feather. Of course dragons breath fire that strikes fear and intensity.  What a dragon’s fire burns down, clears way for new beginnings and a better rebuild for the future. One final detail is the dragon’s pearl of wisdom, which they guard the pearl with great responsibility.    


I was born year of the Dragon, Earth Dragon to be precise.  Being such an intense energy to work with, most people born under the Dragon sign slowly grow into their role later in life.  As I have matured to the age of 30, I realize my dragon nature.  I no longer wish to resist the responsibilities and reputation such a sign possesses.  Since March 19, 2018, my birthday, I have been creating a dragon series and honing my dragon powers.  This has brought me so much happiness and gratitude for the dragon spirit.  Once I opened the box of chalk and realized I was paid to create the chalk mural for the Englewood Mural, my happiness could not be contained.  The mural is called Happy Dragon as an expression of my gratitude for such a magnificent and magical energy.  That day taught me success comes from happiness, and that:

 A great work of art inspires us. A great artist takes the risk to express what is inside of all of us.