Sparks for healthy eating

My friend Sparks asked to write you a letter about healthy eating habits for Pehi, a movement towards bettering ourselves and others through happiness *PehiMVMNT*.  In this letter, I will let you in on my daily habits and how they have formed over decades.  Did I tell you that I kinda geek out on nutritional knowledge? Well I gained it over the passed 20 year being a vegetarian.  Yeah... I'm 30 now April 2018, so how did a 10 year old decide to go vegetarian around a family of meat eaters?  Well, growing up in Boulder, Colorado is the answer, all my friends and their mom's were doing it, literally!  10 year old Gracie thought, "I don't want to kill aminals to eat them!"  I also agreed that testing on them wasn't nice either.  So there you have it! My activism days start in fifth grade, primary target: cruelty towards animals, then later people and the planet. 

It did take me a while to figure out how to eat right though.  I usually ate the same thing, just, "without the meat please."  One time my dad made fun of me, "you sure you don't want to leave off the salad too?"  Well that's just it? What do I eat now and how DO I stay healthy?  This brings us to the rainbow, don't ya know?!      


To begin, follow the Ayurvedic Diet, which I learned from my yoga teacher trainings of 2014 at Konalani and Shononi Ashrams.  First start with the sweetness of fruit red delicious, oranges, bananas.  The fruit will inspire the digestive enzyme Amylase.  Amylase will be so hopped up on sugar, she will go and tell the stomach and intestines, "nourishment is on the way!" 

The stomach will then prepare an acid bath to take on the beets, meats, grains, and fats.  The small intestine will take on breaking down food to tiny molecules over miles of digestive tissue.  Leafy greens, blue berries, and leafy purple kale get the gall bladder going signaling the end of digestion and time to soak up some vitamins. 

Of course, variety is key and a routine of desert first, delicious home made meal with sweet ginger tea, and salad will make the belly happy.  Limit the dairy and carbs, they make it too easy.  Probiotics: Kimchi, Kombucha, yogurt, supplements! 

Finally, be mindful of the how everyone: the plants, animals, people, and mama Earth, all contributed to your meal and were their treated lovingly?  Give thanks and give it often, it makes your inner light glow.


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Supporting Unicorns and their Adventures: The Wealth of NYC

Been enjoying Williamsburg, Brooklyn for two weeks now.  The mission?  Set up an international networking and exhibition space for artists through the Artifications Studio at 63 N 3 St, basement. 

Something that struck me, as I commute around the city, is the incredible sense of wealth of resources.  This wealth feeds a fantastic culture of supporting fellow Unicorns and their magical adventures.  Anything in this city can be acquired for free given time, creativity, and resource-fullness.  Here's a story... We had our Artifications Digable Weekend exhibition Apr 5 - 7.  As the exhibit concluded, we needed packing material to return artwork home. I was walking back from jiu jitsu at the Renzo Gracie Academy, the best training yet, and found some thin packing foam, rolled up and ready for trash pick up.  Seeing as the foam had rolled into the walk way, I decided to pick it up and move it.  Recognizing its usefulness, I carried half of the bounty back to the gallery, yay!  To complete my goal of mailing artwork to our lovely artists, I selected the appropriate sized cardboard from the stacks outside nearly every business.  My urban foraging trip saved the gallery money and tidied the streets. 

Thanks NYC, you make dreams come true in the spirit of supporting fellow unicorns!